Monday, August 1, 2011

So busy!

My goodness things have been so busy! Many birthdays, getting ready for the Poo's first time to start to school, and daily trips to the doctor for a friend. Miss Poo turned 5 just about a week ago and had her party at the local bowling alley. It was her first time to bowl and she just had the best time. She got a a lot of wonderful gifts but one of her favorites(and mine) is an early reading program called Start to Read. It is put out by School Zone publishing and is just a great little set. It came with five books to read, 1 comprehension book, a read along/song cd and a parent guide. I can't really say if it is helping her learn to read since we have only had it a short while but I can say she has really been enjoying it a lot. She loves the books that are in it!
She also got the Lalaloopsy doll she wanted and some new school clothes. She was just a very happy girl. We have been getting up early every morning and going to bed earlier each evening to get her ready for kindergarden. She is sooo excited about getting to go to school to learn new things and make new friends. Man oh man she has loved school shopping! Getting to pick out new clothes and shoes has been a lot of fun for a girl.
My niece Munchie turned 18 just a couple of weeks before Poo's birthday.Sandwiched in the middle was my birthday. I hope to get back to blogging more regularly once school starts, right now it is just so hectic it is a little hit or miss( mostly miss) on finding time to blog. I love you guys!