Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

It is a good day. The day my sweetie was born. Happy birthday to you Papa!!! We had a party already when everyone could get together so today was just us and the poo. She insisted he get ANOTHER cake for his birthday so we got him a cheesecake sampler after we took him and fed him ribs. He is a happy man today! I went to see my mom this morning also. Her chemo was postponed for a week due to shingles. She is miserable right now but in better spirits after our visit.
The poo is also very good. She has come up with a mystery bruise on her face. She says something bit her and she did not fall, but I wonder how true that is. She is as graceful as her mother- meaning she could be standing still on flat ground and fall and break a bone. Other than that all is well.
I ran into an old friend this evening while we were out and about. That was a nice trip down memory lane. Love to remember those days and so very glad I have grown out of them tehehehe.At least for the most part. Work is still work. Pretty much the same ol same ol. Love ya

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is my dear sweet niece. She is learning to drive and will be street legal in just a few short months. EVERYONE RUN!!! Just kidding, she is doing ok. I am very proud of her. It seems not to long ago she was driving her little push car all over the front yard. Where does all this time go? I miss the cute little smile she gave me when she said "Memaaaawwww" (yes that is what she use to call me) like I was pulling her chain and she new it. We use to do so many things together. Now she is almost grown. Trying to decide which college and what major takes up a good deal of her time.So many changes lately. My mom getting ill. 2 good friends have had babies in the last 3 days, my stepson turning me into a grandmother at 32. So much good and bad intermingled through life. I am still amazed everyday and continuously more thankful. As we all should be......

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Angry

Ok, well I finally got a minute to get online so here goes. I am so sick of doctors and nurses and rude people in general. My mom had chemo on Tuesday, it is a 12 hour chemo session. She was told to be there when they open, and we were. She waited 2 and a half hours before I finally told them we were leaving. Miraculously they had room open and were able to get her in. She had to have massive pain medicine and then they bitched, I mean bitched about having to stay late because her chemo is so long. Somehow we were done at 6:30 when it should have been 10 o'clock. They did not give her the fluids. So today she was an hour late. A flat tire in the very cold wind. It took a while for her and my aunt Lillie to get it aired up to go to the doctors. They f-ing chastised her. Told her she should consider herself lucky she got in at all. Hello? Hello? Anyone home? Are you not the same people that made her wait not 2 days ago? The same people who cheated her out of some of her treatment so you could leave early? Who the hell do you think you are. So, I called to ask exactly that. You see today is the first day I was not there. I had to take care of business in this neck of the woods today. I explained that we do not give a mother f-ing damn if it is easier for them to do chemo in their office. It is easier for her at Hendrick and that is where it would be scheduled from now on. If it was to difficult to accomplish this we would simply find a doctor that was capable of doing so.
Now I realize they have a lot of patients and I am not trying to be an ass. I have only one mother, and she is dying. I simply wanted them to understand that if they treated all their patients that way, they would not have any and that this was simply unacceptable. She felt so bad about them having to stay and then they were incredibly rude to someone who already feels like a burden to to the loss of movement and massive amount of appointments. Its bullshit. Ok I feel better now. Thanks for listening.