Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching up with myself

Well I have finally made it back! We have had so much going on as of late that I have found no time for myself much less the computer! Poo had her first day of school. She was so excited that she finally got to start kindergarden :) It was difficult for me to adjust but I think what I had the hardest time with was not being able to share it with my Mom. I just never thought that she wouldn't be here for these milestones. Friday was Poo's very first school pictures. I just can not wait to see how they came out. She looked so pretty.
Every vehicle we have has broken down at least twice in the last 4 months and it has been hell. I am grateful we live close enough to the school that we can walk when needed. We try to walk at least one day a week just because she likes it. One more car to fix and we will be done for a while hopefully!
Mr. C has had a break from his radiation treatments so I have had a little time to recouperate from the repetitive car rides. Hopefully they will start up again soon so we can get him completely well and be done with them all together. He is in very good spirits but I know he would like to be done.
We have been spending more time with our family and friends lately. It has been wonderful to get to see them so much more and the Poo has really enjoyed it. She is such a social butterfly!
This week I hope to have the strength to go through our stuff in the house and see how much we can get rid of. The constant clutter is killing me. I know we have things we have not used in ages and I just see no point in holding on to them anymore.
Papi is going to be busy in the evenings working on Sissy's car. Her brakes have decided that stopping when you push them in is optional. Never a good thing. When he is done with that he has the joy of installing a blinker switch in his truck. He has only been working on this for 4 months. I think it has become a personal vendetta between him and the truck. I offered to take it to the shop and have them do it but he adimantly refused my offer and assured me he would win this battle with the blinker.
All in all we are doing well and getting by. Spirits are high, money is low and we are happy to have a home and a vehicle to fix! Love you all and I will try to get back into blogging more often again.