Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rough night

My goodness what a night! All was going OK for a while. We had gone to dinner with friends and had a very nice time other than it took an hour for our food to come out, then we came home. Papi and Poo went swimming while I watered all the fruit trees and plants. By the time I was done it was nearly dark and still over 100 degrees. I got the Poo out of the pool and was just sweating bullets from dragging the hose around for an hour. I was so ready to get in and cool off. Mind you our house doesn't stay very cool, usually in the 80's but still that is a big improvement from outside. We all get in and I got Poo dressed for bed and started taking care of the critters. Just as I finished the power went out. This happened a few weeks ago and it took them hours to get us back on. Then we noticed one light was still on so we figured it was a breaker. Papi goes out to check the breakers and guess what he found. One of the main lines coming in had been hit by a limb from a pecan tree and snapped in two right by the house. We had no air, no fans, one light in the bathroom( our house is wired very strangely) and one little girl who was not happy in the very hot darkness with no bedtime story and no tv or movies.
After an hour trying to report the break we finally got an actual person who we were able to explain what happened. Papi ran an extension cord to the front of the house so we could have a lamp and a fan and we all started to settle in. We got Poo asleep and then we tried to lay down. Neither of us could go to sleep so around midnight we saw the flashing lights from the repair truck. Papi went outside to show him where the break was and about 45 short minutes later we had power back on. Yay!!! So sometime in the wee hours we finally got to go to bed and The Poo was so happy to wake up and have power again. She had a nice visit with Papi before he went to work and we have had a pretty good morning other than I am dragging my butt behind me. I hope every one else had a better Monday than us!

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Lynette said...

sorry it was so can always flop at my sauna!