Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I should be sleeping, but since I am not.....

I seem to have been struck with insomnia. So, I decided to relax and check out some of the features on the computer Papa got for me. I am so impressed with the web cam it has. You see I have never had a web cam before so I was unaware of the things you can do with this little gadget. Check it out.
You see, even thought this is really doesn't look like me so much. And mind you I have not edited these photos in any way. My dear friend at Jaydes Little Corner is going to alter one for me and I will publish a before and after for you.She is amazing.
It is very possible that I am simply easily entertained or even dare we say sleep deprived but I still think this is so cool. I can hardly wait to get some with the Poo. She will love it! Y'all comment and tell me what you think.


Lynette said...

freaking toooo tooooo toooo cool!
and your BEAUTIFUL!

Jayde said...

It does too look like you and you are gorgeous!