Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, how is everyone? We are slowly catching up with ourselves. The poo has been so sick and pitiful. She informs us regularly she needs a soft tissue because she has snot and her nose hurts. Very sad indeed!
Update on Mom is they have stopped chemo and are going to radiate her spine in an attempt to relieve some pain. They are planning on trying a different chemo treatment after radiation but she has lost so much weight she is not sure she can hold up to it. She is now below 100 pounds and still having difficulty eating.She has not given up hope but she has begun to be more realistic about her prognosis.
It has been very difficult to come to grips with this for all of us. If anyone has any suggestions on how to explain what is happening to the poo without scaring her, please let me know.
On a lighter note, my Dr.appt went well. No surgery required at this time and I now have new meds to stop the growth of the cyst. They believe it is a fibroid cyst versus the MASS term they have been using. Much relief there. I have to go back in six months to make sure it is not actively growing anymore and if all is well I get to keep my insides. Yeah!
Income tax has arrived also. We are getting to pay off some of the last of poo's surgery bills and hopefully a few more bills. The Pappa surprised me with an early valentine's present. Hint- I am blogging on it now from the bed. Good guess! It IS a laptop. My very first one and it is so lovely. The poo absolutely loves the Dora game that came pre loaded on it. In return I have paid off all his no insurance surcharges and we are now broke again:) It has been a relief to get bills out of the way so maybe we won't always be struggling to play catch up. 2 or 3 more years of this and we will have all past due bills(mostly medical) paid off.
We are hoping to get the roof worked on this spring when it warms a bit and then we can start fixing the back room and hopefully make it usable again. It would be good to have the extra room. The house is pretty small and we seem to have accumulated a lot of junk to fill it with. Well that is all I know right now. Love ya......

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Jayde said...

I have no words of wisdom for you as to how to explain to poo. I will continue to keep you and all your family in prayer. Congrats on the laptop! It's a wonderful feeling of freedom. Come over sometime soon and check out my new toy!