Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ferret Fun

I have spent my afternoon laughing at my little angel and one of her best buddies. The Poo has been playing with our ferret Cyclone all afternoon. She just loves when he gives her kisses. She giggles and giggles and it seems the more noise she makes the more love he gives. They both enjoy it when he gets into her toy box and steals her toys. One of his favorites these days is her pom poms. He loves to carry them around and root through them. While running around this afternoon he discovered an empty soda box. Big big fun for a little guy! The next logical step is of course for him to drag the pom pom into the box. I somehow never thought a pom pom in a soda box would be hours of entertainment for a ferret and a little girl, but boy was I wrong! I am amazed by how much they enjoy each other. They even play tag together. Her puppy Prince gets a little jealous at times and tries to join in but he is just a little too excited for Cyclone to be comfortable playing with him. It is such a joy to watch them play and see how happy both of them are together.He is quite a cutie if I do say so myself!

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Lynette said...

It is amazing how animals and The Poo are drawn together. Perfect pair. And I know that Pudds loved her ferret so much too. Your right...hours of fun!