Monday, April 9, 2012

Just plain mad

Well guys I have to tell you I am really quite angry. Angry to the point I considered just deleting my blog all together. Why? I did something that I normally do not do and checked my stats. It just so happened that I had put up a post over a year ago for friends that had moved away. I wanted them to see how much my little girl had grown. One of the traffic sources for that post was The search was for little girl PORNOGRAPHY!!! Seriously?!?!?!?!
I changed the title to the post but it still linked up so I had no option but to remove it! Do you have any idea how mad I am that some sick person looking at little girls was able to pull up pictures of my daughter? So now I wonder, did they just leave when it wasn't what they were hoping for or did they paw all over my blog looking for pictures? It really makes me want to remove every picture of my family that I have on here or close it all together.
I guess I am just as disappointed as I am angry that people are out there searching for this to begin with. I just feel violated and nauseated. I had wanted to put up Easter photos today but I changed my mind after seeing that.There is my rant for today!


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jenjo3d said...

I agree. I have had several private messages about it from people who did not want to offend with what they thought of the people doing it. I am truly sad that this is the world my child is growing up in when we have tried so hard to teach her people are good and be kind to others.