Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend warrior

I know in the life of every mommy there are those days when you just get tired. Today is one of those. Friday after school, the Poo started feeling poorly and within a few minutes was burning up and crying. We tried for a Dr. appt. but no luck, all full, so we had to tough it out through the weekend. Saturday morning I was up early so I decided to go ahead and give both dogs a bath. It was a bit harder to give Isabelle a bath than I had thought. Apparently she only likes muddy water or water in the bowl but not clean water and shampoo! I got some veggies planted in the garden and got my pocket planter hung and planted as well. Saturday was also College Girl's director's debut so we had to take a 35 mile trip on way after getting little sleep and my sister was kind enough to watch the Poo so we could go see her sissy's play. College girl did an awesome job!
By the time we got home Papi was feeling poorly as well. Another night of waking up every hour crying because she felt bad . Sunday we did all the things she wanted to do. She got a bubble bath and a mani/pedi! She has beautiful butterfly wing fingernails :) It only took 2 hours to get it done. We played Candyland and go fish. She had 2 naps and was still feeling icky. She went to bed before nine but then climbed into bed with us about 11 last night so no sleep again. Early morning trip to the vet with a sick bunny that is having to have water eye droppered every hour, a Dr. visit for the Poo, and an afternoon filled with an upset tummy all over the kitchen floor. Her fever is back and she is upset that she may not get to go to school tomorrow. In an attempt to make her feel a little better, we did a few crafts which was a lot of fun but still not as much fun as school.Then my sister called and told us her puppy had passed away. They think one of the older dogs broke her neck. They had only had her for two weeks but my sister was heartbroken. She had gotten very attached to her. The Poo cried a good bit too. She had spent Saturday afternoon playing with her while we were at the play. I am really hoping tomorrow is Tuesday and not another Monday. There is my rant for today! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)

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