Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another weekend done

Well, unfortunately Papa couldn't get the tiller going. He was only able to work on it for about 20 minutes before he came in and sat down. He is still feeling very weak and tired from his illness that he and Poo both have. He had done better but when he went back to work he over did it and now has spent most of the weekend sleeping.
The Poo is still coughing a good bit but her fever is down and she slept through a whole night without me having to give her medicine so that's great news. I hope the cold snap we are about to get doesn't send both of them spiraling backwards.
Instead of posting pictures this week of the garden being tilled, the Poo and I decided we would instead post pictures of what we are going to put in it and some plants we would like to get.
I spent my weekend medicating the sick ones , trying to let Papa rest and keep Poo down to a dust devil instead of a full on tornado! Also in the midst of that I cooked and cleaned as usual. Today I managed to get the bird cage, both rabbits and the ferret all cleaned out, washed litter boxes, new bedding and litter, and washed food and water bowls. After dinner going to clean the cat boxes as I have already washed their food and water bowls. And I even had time to put together a puzzle with Poo!
I even got to try a new recipe for strawberry scones today. Quite tasty but they need more strawberry I think. Once I get it tweaked just right I will post it for you all to try. Well, dinner should be ready soon and there is still work to do, so I will talk to y'all another day.


Lynette said...

i love love love scones.....cant wait to try your next attempt

btw how is the ferret doing?

Lynette said...

I would like to help another blogger raise their readers. So I am having a giveaway where they can get an extra entry and a chance to win two books if they will visit and follow you. I will check to see if the winner has become a new friend to you.

auntrene said...

I would love to be able to be tilling a garden.. but unfortunately my yard is covered in Snow.. and we are expecting another 10 inches plus ice in the next 2 days..
Hi.. I am Maureen.. Aunt Rene I was sent over by Lynette.. I love her blog..
I will have to stop again and see how that Dust Devil... and the garden are coming along!
Have a Great Evening.