Friday, January 14, 2011

Out of Sorts

Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a while so here goes. It was a Hell of a year in 2010. We are looking forward to see what this year brings for our family. As some of you know, last year we battled cancer with my mom, who passed away early summer. Papa also had his own medical trouble with a diagnosis of a rare bone disease in his right wrist. Our dear friends and their family moved across the country. I had to leave work in late November due to my Lyme Disease being angry a lot. At the end of December Poo's "Grandma" had a heart attack and then a double bypass and has just recently returned to her home and caring family to heal. So needless to say even with a positive outlook we are hoping for a less dramatic year this year!
I have taken up sewing again. I am really out of practice and my stitch work looks awful but the Poo is happy for the new dresses :) She has enjoyed the extra family time with me not working nights and sleeping days. We are doing crafts together and planning out a spring garden with lots of her favorite veggies. We even went through and picked out some flower seeds for her to plant. She is so excited. Grandma asked her to help her take care of her plants this spring too, while she is healing up a bit. That made Poo feel very special because she gets to help care for Grandma's most important possessions.
We have all remained positive and if anything it has helped us see how blessed we are even more than we did before. We have a wonderful group of family and friends that we are so thankful for. So to all of you who know us and all of you that just happen upon this, Have a wonderful year!! Count your blessings and if you are lucky enough that your blessings are people you love, hug them , cherish them, and always make time for them no matter how busy you think you are.

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