Thursday, January 27, 2011

Papa's Birthday

Well it seems Papa had a good birthday even though he was sick. He got a wii and a couple of games which he really seemed to enjoy very much! What I think he liked the best was that a good bit of our family came and had dinner with him. He loved having everyone with him. It really made him feel so much better.
The poo also got a present for Papa's birthday. She got her very own PINK wii remote and a Dora game so she was tickled as well!
All and all I think everyone was happy. I cooked a ton of food. Papa wanted Hawaiian chicken, stir fry, grilled veggies, grilled pineapple and grilled burgers so he got them all!! And a pineapple upside down cake too. I was a tired Momma but it was all worth it. He even took a plate and a piece of cake to Grandma so he could give her some birthday love!
Everyone is slowly feeling better around here. Papa went and got shots and the Poo is starting to be less congested and lower fevers so maybe we are on the up end!!
I have managed to not get it yet ( knock on wood ) so maybe its almost gone. I am hoping so anyway.
We are going to start tilling the garden this weekend if the weather holds for us, so wish us well in that venture. The Poo is trying to convince us she needs her own flower beds too so we may be tilling extra if there is time. If not, I am sure it will get done before long. Anyway, that's what we have been up to. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes and we love you all!

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Lynette said...

no fun being sick on his special day....but in time it will warm up and all the ick will go away
or so we hope