Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

Well, we spent the day yesterday digging out ornaments. Sounds like fun doesn't it. Poo is so excited about her tree! She helped put the lights and ornaments on and just had a great time. She and I started putting together the robotic deer together while Papa was looking for the angel that tops the tree. That was not the simple snap together deer the instructions implied. I believe even if I had a degree in engineering it would have been difficult! After many tools and a few foul words we got that bugger together and mostly working. Still have to figure out why the antlers won't light up but Poo loves her new deer friend and definately does not think it should live outside in the front yard (which was the original intention).
All and all it was a good evening and we had some good family time together. The tree looks like it was decorated by a 3 year old and we love it! The deer mostly works and stands next to the tree looking back and forth for present thieves, and by the way, Papa never did figure out where he put the angel last year:) . Welcome to our redneck Christmas... hope you enjoy yours as much as we are enjoying ours.


Jayde said...

Glad you got your decorating done. I haven't even started. We have to figure out how to put up the 7 foot tree in my living room somehow. Kevin knows I love Christmas and that big tree and insits we'll find room for it. I also have to figure out where I put all my ornaments, at least what's left of them after quite a few of them got destroyed. Anyway, I'll have to come check out your decorated house whenever we can coordinate schedules. Love Ya!!

Lynette said...

It is a beautiful tree. And if a 3 yr old can do that well then she needs to help put up ours! And the deer may just keep the cats out of the tree.