Saturday, December 5, 2009

I made Lentils!

I made lentils today and they did not taste like dishwater! I am so excited. I can cook most things fairly well but lentils have eluded me my whole life. Well I watched a cooking show and again they looked so yummy. So the family and I loaded up and went to the grocery store last night to get some staples and when we were on the bean isle I saw them. I asked David if he was willing to try them and he said sure. So today i tried it and they were awesome ya'll. So yummy and filling and not dishwatery at all. So I got brave and tried meatloaf too. Now I HATE meatloaf, but this wasn't bad. I mixed half and half turkey and beef. It turned out great and we all ate too much.
Tuzzy and John stopped by and dropped off a freezer(thanks again). We got to visit with them a bit which is always nice. Poo has had a great day playing and singing to us. David put a heater in the living room. Its only been 2 and a half years we've been trying to get this done. And let me tell ya'll he did it. Its sweltering in the living room now. On low it heated the living room 15 degrees by our thermometer. Well worth the wait. I could not be happier with it. He did a wonderful job and did not even get cranky like normal when he fixes things. We are so proud of him:) Also, he found the cord for the camera today while looking for the heater parts. So awesome!
And I would like to thank Tuzzy for the shout out about our little nutty blog. Poo loves to see the pictures we add so here is one for her.
This is one of her and her beautiful sissy.


Jayde said...

I have never tried lentils before I don't think. Eating them or cooking them for that matter. Glad you have a heater in the living room!! Check out my contest blog sometime to win a digital photo alteration!! See you later!

PJ said...

Hey Jen! We must have missed each other this morning. I got there right when she opened Curves. I like the early morning, cause otherwise I find other stuff to do and miss out. See ya later. Oh! I love your photos the top one is adorable and oh to be slender again like Denea (spelling). Great pics.