Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jayde's Little Corner has a give away

My dear friend Jayde has a wonderful give away going on this week. I personally own a one of a kind creation from her now and hope to get another :) She does beautiful work that would definately make a great holiday gift for yourself or someone else if you can bear to part with it.
I have already entered myself and I am trying to convince David to go on over and up our chances...hahaha. She is an amazing artist and it is truly beautiful when she puts her perspective onto a beloved photo. Go check her out and see if you can win it before I do. You can find her at Jayde's Little Corner.This is the photo I would use.


Jayde said...

You are just too sweet. Thank you! Good luck in the contest!! And hey, did you notice you can download PhotoImpact X3 for $19.99?!?!?!?!

Quite Contrary said...

emma is such a lil princess and we all adore her
thanks for letting me watch her!