Friday, December 4, 2009


Well as everyone here knows the cold weather has struck. I brought in my ivy that Kevin got me last week. I know it was a little late as I lost a few leaves but it is recouping nicely. Well, I went to get something out of the car a minute ago and easily got sidetracked as I am prone to do. My handsome kitty came up and wanted love and when I was petting him I SAW it. Emma's plant. Tropical plant.
The story goes that when we go to a store, if she behaves very well she will get a "comprise" as she calls it. We usually keep it under a dollar. Just a little something to let her know she did a good job.
Anyway, a few months ago we had to get groceries, lots of them because I had pretty much let us run out of everything. So armed with my circulars and coupons we set out to find the best deals. Some here in town, some at walmart , piggly wiggly going out of business, and heb. You see how taxing this can be for a child of 2 at the time. 4 stores, 1 comprise. Heb was our last stop. As we walking in the door they had a plant stand as most grocery stores do. Her little face lit up. We had been planting the garden and fruit trees all week. She saw the plants and said "thats it momma, thats my comprise!". So we get over to them and they are pathetic. Wilted and dry and dying off. They are marked 1 dollar each and she quickly found 4 she wanted.One even had pink dots on the leaves, perfect for a princess she tells me. I concede she went to 4 stores and she could have all of them. However, when we go to check out I ask if they are on sale due to the poor condition. The nice lady at the register tells me they are not but she would call the manager to see what we could do. He comes and we got them all for a buck. All summer she has watered her plants with her watering can and I, the forgetful momma has let them freeze.
Well all is not lost I hope. 2 of them look ok, the other 2 not so great. But the one with the pink dots will make it I think. So we are now on the mission of repotting them in hopes that it will help to get more dirt around the roots as they are root bound.
On another note, Poo is feeling a bit better. I however feel like my legs are made of jello thats not quite set yet but at least I have quit shivering and shaking so bad. Please pray for the princess plants. Love ya


Lynette said...

the poor poo plants. i know how much she loves to help with the garden. planting and tending plants shows her tender heart. Maybe she will find a few new ones this spring.

Lynette said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout out at:

PJ said...

Hey Jen! Ok, I'm gonna try this for the 4th time. I read your post, clicked on publish, clicked on follow, cut publish off at the pass. Tried it again only let publish finish, didn't take, tried it again, still didn't work. Realized I had come to your blog off Lynette's e-mail, so figured I'd try getting out of e-mail and go directly to the blog. Now, you probably won't recognize me by name, but I'm the talkative one in the mornings at Curves. Unfortunately, I write like I talk. Too much! Anyway, hope to see you at Curves again soon!


jenjo3d said...

Thank you for the shout out Tuzzy! And thanks for the nice note PJ. Hope to be seeing you a bunch!