Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday again

Well, it is Monday again. We went to Curves to work out this morning and Poo brought her magical princess wand. She wanted to make sure we finished early so she waved her wand for us and told us we were done now :) Of course we were already done when she did it.
I got some very bad news yesterday that I am not at liberty to talk about at this time. I just am not sure how to deal with it. Please, no matter who it is you pray to, pray for our family and keep us in your hearts.
Remember that every day is a gift. Don't just tear it open to see what you get next. Enjoy the details in the wrapping and be truly, truly thankful for what is inside. Enjoy the moment for what it is, a moment that will be with you always if you cherish it. There is always a light in your heart. The trick is to let it shine so bright that it lights up others around you.

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Lynette said...

Jen, I can't fix what is wrong but I can give you a lil gift.
you won!