Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good News

It has been a very busy few days. Just to get everyone caught up here is what we have been doing.
Saturday when Papi got off work we all loaded up and went to Ft. Worth in hopes of getting the parts we needed to get our desktop fixed. It didn't work out and we ended up ordering them online anyway but the upside is we all had a nice time together and the Poo loved going to Fry's Electronics and seeing all the isles of stuff they have to temp little hands.
Sunday was my sisters birthday and low and behold she is still older than me! I made her a lemon poke cake with lemon glaze and she loved it. We also got her an edible arrangement since she has been asking for one for years now and we were already in a location we could pick one up. We had a very nice afternoon visiting her.
Monday the Poo and I loaded up and went to the grocery store and she got to pick her fruits and veggies for the next week or two. She had a great time and informed me that it was the best day ever to get to spend an hour in a large produce section of a grocery store. I hope she stays this easy to amuse.
Yesterday I found out that 2 of my best friends are getting married... to each other!!! I am so happy and excited for them that words just can not express the amount of joy and love in my heart. And if that was not enough I get to do a guest review next week...For a COOKBOOK! Can we all say OH YEAH! together now?
So it has been quite busy and hectic but mostly wonderful. I am still trying to get Valentine's pictures up so be patient and hopefully I will be able to get them done today or tomorrow.

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Lynette said...

I am just as stoked about our dear friends getting hitched! It is wonderful news. I am also happy that your getting to share this time with the Princess. What fun memories your creating from a everyday life!

Kuddos to you!