Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eagles everywhere

American Bald Eagle..Image by law_keven via Flickr We love the outdoors and nature so it only seems to fit that we are now watching nature on our computer. The Poo has really been enjoying watching wild eagle nests and seeing the moms and dads take care of the eggs and eat. This morning she saw one bring a fish to the nest to share with its partner. She has gotten to watch them turn the eggs and protect them from the weather. I think it is so cool that you can go to a website and watch a live streaming video of eagles in the wild. So far we have 3 sites that we are watching and one of them has 3 babies that have hatched. The Poo was amazed to get to watch the last egg hatch and see the eaglet come out. What a wonderful experience for a little princess and all the rest of us commoners! If you are interested in watching the eagles these are the 3 we are watching.

We have now also heard there is a humming bird nest you can watch as well. It is an amazing learning experience for her because she can see how they behave and is able to ask questions and understand fully what is happening. On Eagle Cam there is even a moderated discussion so if she asks a question I can not answer we can type it in and they will respond in chat with an answer. How cool is that? I know we are certainly enjoying it and we wanted to share with any of you who may not have known about it. Enjoy!

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Lynette said...

I think this is amazing....and have marveled at what we can now see online.