Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Fun for All

What a great day we had! The Poo and I got started early outside, just the two of us since Papi had to work. It was a lovely warm but overcast day with a light breeze. We drew a hopscotch board on the sidewalk and played hopscotch for a good while. Then we colored on the porch with the chalk. After that we came in for lunch and Papi got to come home and play with us!! Yeah!!
Of course he didn't really play to much. He and Poo worked on the used riding mower we bought last summer. After about an hour they decided he should push mow instead and Momma should take the mower to the repair shop.
So while he was mowing we came back up to the front yard and she spotted her bike from last summer. She wanted to ride it on the sidewalk and went to town! She was doing so good we decided to try it in the street and just see how it went. She did GREAT! She rode it for about 6 blocks. I was amazed. After about the fourth time up and down the block she began really picking up speed. Excitedly she informed me that the faster she peddled the faster the wheels go! I am certain she is a genius for figuring that out all on her own. Now, I am not a huge fan of running but she had me going at a good sprint for about the last two blocks. Whew! After finally getting her to stop(only because there was a stop sign) she decided she didn't really want to ride all the way home. She rode about another half a block and realized it was much harder. That is when I explained to her we were going uphill now, so we walked the rest of the way home while I carried the bike.
Now if that wasn't enough fun for the day she decided walking home was so much fun maybe we could go for a walk. It was a beautiful day and Papi was still mowing so off we went! We live in a rural community so the streets are pretty quiet and safe. We took off and she asked if she could pick where we go. It sounded like fun to me so every time we came to an intersection she got to pick left, right. straight or turn around. We meandered for several blocks and then heard someone calling HER name, not mine. We start looking around and who did we find but Lynette, Dear Hubby and Granny M in the back yard of a relative of theirs. We stopped to visit for a bit and then headed home to get Papi and invite him to come join us all. Lynette walked to the house with us and on the way we decided it was such fun that us girlies would just start doing this every day! Papi did take a break and walk over to visit with us and we had a nice afternoon with friends and family.
Now, it has been a pretty full day at this point but after getting home she reminds me we had not flown our kites today and that was the first thing we intended to do this morning. To the kites we go! We flew kites for about an hour and had a glorious time doing so. Unfortunately it was about time to make dinner so we finally called it a day. Dinner, a bath, dolls and a story later I finally got to sit down. It really was a fun day! I tell you I just don't know how she has all this energy every day. I was exhausted by the time I got to lay down for the night. It was all well worth it though. I am so thankful when we get to have days like this when we are all together and having a good time!

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