Monday, March 7, 2011

Got TONS done this weekend

We got a lot accomplished this weekend and even had a good time doing it! An over view of saturday : got the tiller and the mower running, got the garden tilled, got the composter fixed and filled, got some grass cut, had a great time with friends in the evening. Sunday was really good also. We spent our morning slacking while I cut up various fruits and cheeses and packed a picnic. We surprised the Poo with a picnic about 11 am and by noon we were up and running. Everyone seemed to enjoy the picnic and Poo loved that Munchie was here to picnic with her. Thanks to Papi's help, we got the porch cleaned off and swept again, got all the leaves raked out of the front yard, got some plants planted, got the flower beds weeded and aerated, and got everything in front watered. He even started working on the trim around the front door. We have had the new door for a year and a half and the trim has been propped up by the door all this time. My Seester(sister) came to visit when she picked up Munchie. I got to have a nice visit with her. We had sandwiches and chips for dinner so I didn't even have to wash dishes. Yay!
My knees are screaming at me today but it was worth it. Poo got to play outside all day for 2 days in a ROW! Talk about a happy girl. We should be able to start planting this weekend so I am very excited. It is cooler today but suppose to warm up this afternoon so I think I will use this time on inside things. I will re-till the garden on thursday so we can plant friday and saturday. There is a chance of rain on sunday and monday so that would be great! I think poo and I will put out the fertilizer on the garden today so it has some time to sit before we till again.
I know as bad as my knees are hurting whatever we do today we will be doing it a bit slower and with a few more frequent breaks. I hate Lyme disease. It just hurts all the time. I am glad that I am able to do as much as I do though. I have learned how to pace myself somewhat but my right knee is double the size it should be today so I guess I will have to listen to my body and slow it down a bit today. Poo says I can sit outside while she plays but I know there is no sitting when she is playing. We will still have fun!
I hope everyone else had a good weekend and got to spend time with loved ones. That's the most important part!

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Lynette said...

you can borrow a TK as her brother is sleeping to play outside?