Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday was a good day!

Munchie got to spend the weekend with us again, so we all got up early and went to see Granny M. Guess what she was doing, uh huh, making WAFFLES !!! Yay! The morning was cold and windy but it sure was nice to have hot waffles, home made jellies, bacon and sausage. We ate like little piggies and loved it. The Poo decided she wanted to stay and play so I took the opportunity to fuel my spring fever.

The sun had come out and it was another beautiful day. I came home, started the tiller and went to town. The before and after in the garden is sure great to see! Then Papi got home from work and decided he would take over tilling so Munchie and I repaired my home made ghetto compost tumbler. Ugly....yes, but it works very well. We got it all put back together and then I got the mower running and used the bagger to fill my tumbler with dry grass and leaves. Add water and there you go. We are officially up and running for spring. Compost on the way and first till on the garden done!
If that wasn't enough we then got to clean up a bit and go to a bar-b-que at our friends/family's house. The first one of the year but only one of many to come I hope. We got to spend the evening with wonderful company, great food and good times. We started watching a movie after dark. We watched Avatar for a bit but the Poo was tuckered out and started trying to fall asleep so we decided to head home and put our girl to bed. Everyone was in bed early for a change. It was just a great day! Thanks to our dear friends Lynette and Dear Hubby for the great food and even better company!


Lynette said...

Thanks so much to you for the cleaning up was greatly appreciated! I love the family fun times.

Raven said...

It sounds like an awesome day!